Summer Must Have’s – Skin Care

Truth be told, I turned 30 last week and as much as I’ve always followed a skin care routine I’ve been even more committed to wanting to ensure I am using the right products for my skincare needs.

Over all I have naturally dry skin, I’ve always washed my face before bed, applied cream morning & night and ensured I drank enough water every day. Due to this I like to think I do have very great skin for not only my age, but any age!

A while back I was interested in possibly trying Botox, I found it wasn’t the right fit for me but did learn some interesting information while I was there. I was asked if I use sunscreen on my face daily, naturally I answered only during the summer. I was then told this should be something that’s added into my daily skin routine yearly, and although it may not be warm outside doesn’t mean the effects of the sun decrease.

From there I started my research to adapt my skincare routine from just cleansing and moisturizing. After a few months of trying a few different things, here is where I’ve landed and my skin has never looked healthier!

Morning Routine

  • Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum
    • I LOVE this product; not only does it smell beautiful but it wakes up my skin instantly in the morning. My skin is brighter and softer throughout the day, the long term effects have also evened my skin tone!

Photo 2020-05-12, 1 10 30 PM

  • Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense
    • Here is there I added in my daily sunscreen! With SPF 30 this product also has Zinc Oxide, it defenses your skin from free radical and oxidative damage (aka pollution, yuck). On top of all of these beautiful benefits this product is clean (Free of sulfates & parabens) and it also has a beautiful glowly tint to it.

Photo 2020-05-12, 1 09 21 PM

Night RoutineΒ 

  • Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum
    • You can see a trend here with the Drunk Elephant products, I tried this one first which lead me to trying the rest (And I love them all!). Night serum is new to my skincare routine and I always thought added the serum and the moisturizer would make my skin feel heavy. It actually did the complete opposite, my skin has never been more hydrated! This serum is so light but powerful you only need a little drop!

Photo 2020-05-12, 1 10 03 PM

  • Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream
    • Out of all the products I’ve been using this is my absolute favorite. I often find with moisturizer I use way too much (Not initially) I scoop it up with my finger and suddenly realize I have too much on. This product is “Whipped” .. it’s okay I had no idea what that meant either until I tried it. When you open the moisturizer you push down on the lid and it pushed through just enough whipped cream for your face (I tried two pumps and its way to much). This light and fluffy moisturizer has completely changed my skin!

Photo 2020-05-12, 1 09 32 PM


All products are available at Sephora!


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