Updates From Self-Isolation – Covid 19

The world is changing, at a very quick pace. It seems like only yesterday Covid-19 was so far away and I honestly did not take into account what would happen when it came to Canada.

In a matter of days, we went from hosting our quarterly business review as a team, to working from home in self-isolation. I was prepared, we saw how thing were changing and we took the precautionary measures to buy groceries and stock up on essential supplies before things got a little out of hand.

But I didn’t take into account how all of this would really make me feel.

I’ve been in my boyfriend’s apartment now for 5 days straight – we haven’t left. I am autoimmune so we are being as careful as possible by simply staying indoors. At first I had tremendous anxiety, you know when it gets so bad you crave wanting to be able to laugh or feel at ease. It really does consume you – and it consumed me for at least the 4 days leading up to self-isolation.

Sunday March 15th 2020 – The first day we decided not to leave unless it was essential to our health or wellbeing.

I cleaned the entire apartment (For my own piece of mind) with heavy antibacterial cleaners, vacuumed and organized as much as possible. Cleaning always gives me a feeling of power within a space, if everything is organized and clean I always feel more comfortable. This was the first step to helping ease my anxiety.

Since then, we’ve found a routine. These few simple things we do daily have made me feel like myself again, they’ve helped me feel lighter in a very heavy situation.

  1. Every day, numerous times throughout the day, my Boyfriend will give me a hug. Now this isn’t just any hug, he will hug me as tight as he can and hold on for 15-20 seconds. – This always calms me down the quickest 
  2. We’ve build a schedule (Both working from home). In the morning we wake up, shower and change into different clothes, make coffee then separate into different rooms. From 9AM -12PM we don’t see much of each other unless I pass by him on my way to the washroom. At 12, we have lunch together in the kitchen, talk about our morning and then go our separate ways again till 5PM. Having this schedule has allowed us to feel structure in our daily routine, but also allows us to keep our independence.
  3. Try not to read every article on the news. At first I was consistently researching updates both locally, nationally and globally. This wasn’t helping with my anxiety, so I started to limit myself to checking updates only a few times in the morning, then again once after work.
  4. Instead of focusing my social habits on the news, I focused on other things I love. I’ve been researching new cooking recipes, trying to find new food bloggers who cook gluten free. As I have more time in the evening now I am more interested in trying to cook new things for my boyfriend and I.
  5. Call your friends, your family and your coworkers. I try to speak to at least 6 different people a day other than my boyfriend. For work we’ve moved into video conferences, when I can I skype my friends, or I simply give my mom a call to check in and say hello.

These are the 5 fundamental things I’ve learned through self-isolation, more than ever I am also feeling the strength of social media. Reach out, if it’s to say hello or ask a question, remember you are not alone.




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