Mascara or False Eyelashes

For about 3 years I was a huge supporter in eyelashe extensions, I was wearing them consistently and scheduling appointments for refills on a bi-weekly basis.

About 2.5 years into wearing them I started to get a reaction from the glue, my eyes would swell up and become very blood shot. I tried numerous ways to avoid this but when it came down to it I ended up having to remove them for good.

Full transpareceny, I did LOVE my eyelash extensions and removing them was very upsetting to me as I had been so used to wearing them. Although I was tackled with having to put make up on again daily, I was reminded how much I actually enjoyed wearing eye makeup.

You see, my biggest concern with mascara was it would rub off on the top of my eye lid. I absolutely hated this, and wearing waterproof mascara consistently would dry out my eyelashes. So I was up to find a better solution!

For over a year now I’ve been completely devoted to using Dior Mascara + Dior lash primer. Not only have my eye lashes grow significantly, but the mascara stays on so well you’d think I was wearing waterproof (But it’s easy to remove)! Full transparency, I’ve tired the lash primer with other masacara’s and it’s not even this specific brand but this specific formula which works the best. If your looking to have long, healthy eye lashes without worry about it smering on your eye lids – I’d 100% reccomend this combination!



Dior Show MascaraΒ 

Dior Lash PrimerΒ 

xoxo S

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