Tulum // Tacos & Tequlia

Tulum has been on my list of places to visit now for the past couple of years, I was excited to visit the beach but not have to stay at an all-inclusive resort. Tulum lived up to every expectation, from delicious tacos, unlimited gluten free options to the delicious fresh squeezed juice I was in paradise!

Here are not only a few of my favorite places, but some tips and tricks I wish I knew before I went.

  1. Bring Peso’s!!! – Not everywhere in Tulum accepts credit card and as much as they will take your US cash, all menus are written in peso’s. Additionally, if you must take a cab anywhere paying in peso’s is much easier then trying to determine the exchange with the taxi drivers.
  2. Stay close to the beach – There are a lot of cool things to do downtown but if you get an Airbnb it can be a bit of a hike to the beach. Additionally, a lot of the restaurants and night life are along the main beach road.
  3. Rent bikes not taxi’s – It’s must easier to get around on bike in Tulum, there are numerous shops downtown and along the beach that rent bikes for $5-$10 for the whole day. They also provide you with a bike lock and most places have bike racks to park your bike!
  4. Do your research on where to eat – There are a LOT of great restaurants in Tulum, but there is also a mix of restaurants which will charge you $20US for a taco or $4US for a taco…. in a lot of cases we found the $4US taco was always better!

Hotel – Copal Tulum Hotel 

We stayed at Copal; the hotel was nested in a jungle-est area surrounded by tree’s creating a very beautiful, intimate atmosphere. The staff was incredibly friendly and communicated with us through WhatsApp. There were numerous times throughout the trip in which we required a taxi late at night, we were able to message the front desk and they would send a taxi to our location to pick us up and take us back to the hotel. This was great because it was difficult to find taxi’s late at night if you weren’t on a main strip.

The hotel was never super busy and had 2 pool lounge area’s, so we found it easy to find pool chairs if we wanted to lounge. Our rooms also came fully equipped with a full kitchen (Not that we cooked at all). I would highly recommend this hotel for anyone looking for a relaxing vacation!

Photo 2020-02-14, 11 57 18 AM (1)Photo 2020-02-17, 11 39 20 AM

Balnak Tulum – Resturant 

We had our valentine’s day dinner here and it was magical! The restaurant is outside and nested in a small area which resembled a courtyard full of tree’s and string lights. To ensure we weren’t bothered by bugs, the staff periodically blew smoke from an incense to keep bugs away.

Not only was the food the best we ate in Tulum, the staff was incredibly accommodating and friendly. Every time a new plate came to our table the manager would stop by and see if we were enjoying our meals, they also did an amazing job and explaining the dishes we were eating and providing context on what makes them special.

I would HIGHLY recommend the clams!

Photo 2020-02-14, 6 42 57 PM

Photo 2020-02-19, 6 49 23 PM.jpg

Burrito Amor – Resturant 

This restaurant is located downtown, and it is worth the hike if you are by the beach! (We ate here 3 times…)

They have delicious burritos and they also make in house coconut tortilla wraps which are gluten free!


Photo 2020-02-16, 1 15 50 PM

Over all – I am already trying to determine when I can go back!

Photo 2020-02-16, 5 25 27 PMPhoto 2020-02-17, 12 07 54 PMPhoto 2020-02-17, 2 27 40 PM

Link – Burrito Amor

Link – Copal Tulum Hotel

Link – Balnak Tulum

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