Why It Took Me 2 Months To Find The Perfect Boots…

I’ve always been a picky shopper, but when it comes to shoes its next level…

At the beginning of the season I decided this year I needed to invest in a new pair of flat knee-high leather boots. All the boots I had purchased over the past couple of years had heels and I needed something more casual for every day.

Immediately I had in my head exactly what I was looking for, the problem wasn’t finding the style but finding the style I wanted, good quality with a reasonable price. To be honest, I hate wearing cheap shoes… especially boots. With our Canadian winters the salt and snow destroys them, plus they lose their shape, peel or well I’ve even had a couple heels pop out from a company I won’t mention.

So, on the hunt I went! I knew in previous years closer to the holidays Stuart Weitzman has amazing sales, and the closer to Christmas the better they get! So, I had my eyes on a pair of their knee-high black leather boots with about a 1-inch heel.

As I started looking in October these boots were regular price and because I knew they’d eventually go at least 50% off I wasn’t willing to spend the $$$.

The way I see it is, I could go to brands like Aldo or Steve Madden and spend $250-$350 on a pair of boots right now, or I could patiently wait. Keep my eyes on the deals and those $900 boots I wanted would eventually be $300-$400. Why would I pay regular price for OK quality when I could spend almost the exact same on discounted high quality?

Today I proved my point, I checked Stuart Weitzman first of course, the boots had only gone down to about $550. Then I headed into Tory Burch and by fluke the boots I loved were 50% off ($300 including tax).  I still have the last pair of Tory Burch boots I bought – back in 2014. I’ve worn them every year and only this year did the brown leather start fading.

Point is – be wise with your money! You can spend $150-$200 on a pair of boots that will last you one season – maybe two. Or you can wait, search patiently and spend a little more on a pair that will last you numerous seasons!



xoxo S

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