What My Life As An Influencer Really Looks Like

Let’s be honest, we all know things are never how they seem. I really love influencers who have grown a brand that really allows themselves to show their true realistic day to day lives.

In reality though this isn’t true for at least 75% of bloggers, vloggers & influencers – Myself included. I like to think I’m not afraid to show my true character over social media but I won’t lie when I say I stress about photos, outfits, posts etc. on the regular. Here a bit of a breakdown of how my life really looks behind the scenes.


Now, there are definitely a large hand full of influencers in Toronto who have worked very hard to get to where they are. In doing so they’ve allowed for blogging to become a full time gig, I myself still hold a full time job on top of my social media & blogging.

I think I am very lucky because I absolutely love my job, I focus almost 90% of my energy on my career over my social media. But there has been a lot of opportunities I’ve missed due to my full time career, times were I am exhausted running from my day job to night events, fitting in work between fashion weeks and trying to have a real social life in between. Or simply having to turn down great opportunities because I know my commitments to work are more important.

Starting a blog or a vlog essentially can be just as much work as launching your own business, there were a lot of things I had not taken into consideration when I started. I remember thinking “I’ll just take photos and write articles” – I laugh at myself when I think of how simplistic it all was for me back then. You need to be persistent because it does not come easy and just like any goal or dream there will be bad days and good days. You’ll start to see how you have the ability to inspire people and really for me that’s the best part of it.


I think back to when I started over 2 years ago and who I was then and it really is fascinating to see how it has impacted my life. I remember people telling me I couldn’t do it, it wasn’t real, laughing at me like I was naive. Throughout the process of learning how to develop my brand I think I also started to find my own identity.

I am so grateful for the friends who have been by my side throughout it all, the ones who love me even if I have no make up on, the ones who sit and wait for me while I take photos of our meals, the friends who get dressed up with me on a casual day to go and take photos in the city, the friends and family who re-post, like and comment on my blogs or photos – those are people who keep me going even when it’s tough.  The people who see me for who I really am and not the brand I’ve created.

My Day to Day Schedule

My life really is not any different probably then most of the people I know. I wake up and go to work, sit at my desk, drive home in traffic, go to the gym, eat dinner and then go to bed.

Honestly, Monday – Thursday that is how my days look for the most part. Yes, every now and then I will have a great event to attend during the week. On weekends I sometimes do exciting things with my friends or family, and I often have the opportunity to travel. But for the most part, my days are simple and my evenings are quiet. I spend my free time planning photo shoots, brainstorming idea’s for my blog or vlog (Which I am launching soon!) or online shopping – and by online shopping I mean putting 8 items into a cart after browsing for 1 hour then closing the browser and not purchasing anything.

At the end of the day I think what is lost through social media is our lives aren’t any different from yours, I have bad days just like anyone else, I get stressed and overwhelmed, things don’t always look perfect and my life isn’t always exciting. What you see is a brand I’ve created, nothing more and nothing less.

Love Sarah

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