My Top 3 Hotel Secrets!

  1. Cell Phone Chargers

I bet you can already imagine how many people tend to leave their cell phone chargers in hotel rooms. Now normally depending on the hotel, anything left in the room is always brought down to the front desk. So here is one of my favorite hotel hacks I’ve noticed a lot of people have never really thought about.

If you forgot your cell phone charger always try calling down to the front desk first, whether is for an IPhone or an android most of the time the front desk as a large supply of left over chargers lying around. As much as this is always a case by case basis depending on the chain of hotel as well as the size it’s always worth a call! Normally they will easily bring one up to your room for you and if not then they can at least direct you to the closest store to purchase one!

  1. They keep the good stuff downstairs

It’s no secret when you go to a hotel there is always a supply of amenities such as shampoo, body wash, conditioner, cream etc.  When you’re traveling sometimes you get somewhere and you realize you forgot something so basic yet frustrating to go purchase such as a tooth brush, tooth paste, sewing kit or even a razor!

As these items can be a little pricier hotels don’t place them in the room, but if you call down to the desk they are always willing to bring some up to you!  I find every time I forget a tooth brush or tooth paste they are kind enough to bring up me not only one but a few to last me as long as my stay!


  1. Free Wi-Fi at any Fairmont Hotel

Now this one is one of my favorites because no one ever informs you of this when you check in nor is it written anywhere! If you happen to be staying at any of the Fairmont Hotel’s I’ve noticed Wi-Fi is never included, and it’s not cheap!

How do you avoid that? Well here is literally the simplest advice. Become a Fairmont member (which is also free by the way) Once you become a member all you need to do is login to the Wi-Fi and sign in using your last name, member number and room number. You’re Wi-Fi is then free for the whole duration of your stay!

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