Bondi Beach

QT Bondi Beach Hotel

Located right in front of the beach the QT Bondi hotel is a perfect location if you are looking to vacation and relax. Within the same building there is access to a market store full of fresh food as well as a bottle store (which is the Australian equivalent to a liquor store).

Upon arrival I was amazed at every little detail within the hotel (I promise absolutely everything was an instagramable moment). From the brightly coloured hotel room doors to assortment of snacks on top of the fridge, this hotel clearly put a lot of creative thought into every detail.

Within my suite I had full access to laundry as well as a mini kitchen which came equipped with a stove top, microwave, kettle, Nespresso machine and utensils to support with eating any type of meal.

The one thing that stood out to me, which I know is going to sound silly – the assortment of movies on the television! Now in North America.. and almost every other hotel I’ve ever been too.. you need to purchase movies. The QT Bondi came with a large assortment of free movies to watch from numerous types of genres and new releases to old time classics. As much as this seems like a small thing to include in a hotel, when you’ve been traveling constantly for over a week already I cannot say how much I appreciated relaxing and watching my all time favourite (Yes – It’s Beauty and the Beast).

Photo 2018-04-17, 2 12 00 AM

Preach CafeΒ 

I found this gem on instagram and wanted to check it out before I had even left for Australia. The best part is we went out to eat and as I was eating my delicious meal I realized I was at Preach Cafe without even intentionally trying to go there!

Located Ocean view in Bondi this cafe has an assortment of delicious meals for breakfast and lunch, additionally everything on the menu is very healthy. Here in Toronto I find I try and eat healthy a lot of the time but find the food to taste quite bland or just plain disgusting. Every meal I had at this cafe (yes I ate there 6 times) was so delicious and gluten free! I could not believe how accessible healthy food was and for the first time I actually craved these delicious meals.

Photo 2018-04-19, 10 38 47 PM

Let’s Go SurfingΒ 

Now this was a risky one for me – I decided to take surf lessons. I thought how could I possibly go to Australia and not take surf lessons? Well once you see the waiver you need to sign your motivation may decrease slightly.

If you want to learn to surf while in Sydney head down to the Let’s Go Surfing school at Bondi! I took their 3 class package and had a great time everyday! Not only were the instructors incredibly knowledgeable, they made us feel safe in the water and ready to tackle this difficult lesson.

I’ve always been afraid of the ocean – I blame my brother and his friends for jokingly grabbing my ankles while swimming in the ocean as a kid when we vacationed. My second lessons I was so amused to watch our surf instructor because he acted as the ocean was a playground. Watching how much fun he was having in the waves made me feel more confident in the water and less afraid of what may be swimming below me.

I may not become a pro-surfer anytime soon but I can proudly say after my lessons I was able to stand up on my board and ride the waves!

Photo 2018-04-10, 3 52 34 AM.jpg

Chachas Icecream – Vegan Plant Based Ice Cream

This was one of my most favourite and unique things I found in Sydney. Especially in Bondi there was a vegan plant based ice cream parlor located on the ocean front. As I am gluten intolerant I’ve started to learn dairy is harsh on my stomach as well – not that I plan on giving up ice cream or cheese anytime soon. This refreshing substitute was delicious and the texture felt no different then a creamy gelato.

Photo 2018-04-15, 11 32 39 PM

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