OUAI for me!

I have recently been on a mad hunt for a product that hydrates my hair and I’ve been finding products which at first I think are great but quickly have no effect on my hair!

Anyone else experience this? So I continued to hunt for products that would continue to have a long lasting effect on my hair and not just temporary.

I started with just the Ouai Leave in Conditioner and Matte Pomade – I was instantly HOOKED! Moments after applying the leave in conditioner I was asking everyone around me to please just touch my hair – weird I know but I’m sure you’ve done this at some point!

I find when I really have a point to prove I go to my mom, I had to let her touch it and feel how soft my hair was – her approval is always the most important. After continuing to use this product I had my mother and friends all jumping on it because this product speaks for itself!

Following this revelation I purchased the Ouai Memory Mist. I love this product and it has become a necessity for my daily hair styling. I find with most hair spray like products my hair is left dry, brittle and dull. The difference with the memory mist is you spray it onto your dry hair before styling and it holds just as great as a strong hairspray but without the dryness. My curls are left looking soft and flowy for the whole day!

Feeling risky for a new hair product? Give them a try – I promise you’ll end up wanting every product on their line!

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