The Juno’s Casper Viewing Party #JunosInBed

Nestled in the lower floor of the Toronto Thompson Hotel Casper held a one of a kind viewing party for the 2017 Juno Awards. Upon arrival into the hotel a Casper host greeted us and fetched us the elevator to take us down to the party entrance.

Full of excitement Monica and I had no idea what to expect! The room was set up with Casper beds, pillows as well as a photo booth and bar! Each guest received with their bed a delicious bottle of Champagne, snacks, comfy slippers, candy, Perrier water and fun signs and props to use throughout the show!

The evening was hosted by the beautiful Torri Webster and during each commercial break she interacted with the guests to play games and participate in guessing who will win each award!

At 7:30 our orders were taken for food, we were so comfy at this point how could we possibly say no to mac and cheese and sweet potato fries! When our food arrived it came set up just as if we had ordered room service, we were so comfortable we didn’t want to ever leave!

The evening was the perfect way to spend a Sunday night with your friends!

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