Our Secrets For the Most Kissable Lips


We may be getting older but spending a Friday night in with your bestie sure never does! I know it sounds cliché, but let’s admit as much as we try to break girl stereotypes there are a few things we will never stop loving!

Photo 2016-12-09, 11 31 22 PM.jpg

                Last Friday just like Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl, my best friend Charlotte and I got together and enjoyed a few of our favourite things! It’s rare enough that we get to spend time together, but normally even when we do there is somewhere to be, people to host, parties to attend or dinners to cook. So this evening we decided to do absolutely nothing together but try new makeup, read some of our favourite books and enjoy some of our favourite wines.

       Being a blonde I am not ashamed to admit my go to favourite lip colour is any shade of pink. I’ll take it in lip gloss, lip stick, chap stick or a matte lip paint! Recently I purchased the Ciate London Liquid Velvet – Moisturising Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Kiss me Quick”- Baby Doll Pink. Now I have never purchased one of the Ciate lip colours in the past but when I tried it on at Sephora I was instantly impressed with its texture. Being a Canadian girl during the winter months naturally my lips get dry and having the perfect lipstick makes all the difference (Especially for kissing that special someone under the  Mistletoe).

This Matte Liquid Lipstick is perfect for not only keeping its vibrant colour but also keeping your lips silky smooth! More importantly, they come in over 10 different shades and at a very reasonable price ($23.00 at Sephora Canada).

Photo 2016-12-09, 11 32 15 PM.jpg

       My best friend being a brunette has always been quite shy when it comes to trying any shade of pink lipstick, but even she loved how vibrant the colour looked on her!

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