Joseph Tassoni – Exclusive Interview

You know the kind of person who instantly brightens your day no matter what else is going on in the world? The kind of people where it’s as if the world feels lighter when they are around. This is how I felt when I met Joseph Tassoni.

Eager and full of excitement I sat down with Joseph while he told me about his career and love for fashion. Starting at the early age of 5 Joseph told me how his sisters would model his early collections

JT – “I remember early on being read wonderful stories and imaging what I would create for the characters in the story, it was exhilarating!”


As he told me about his childhood it was no surprise Joseph was destined to greatness in the fashion industry! Fast forward to the age of 18 Joseph was eager to seize the opportunity which was presented to him as he started working in the fashion industry.

JT –“My first official job was at Pink Tartan, where I ran for coffees, helped with cutting basically anything that I could get my hands on and or was asked to do. One day there was a private in house shopping event and right before closing I was asked to step onto the floor to work with customers. Little did I know that this would launch my career in the industry and I quickly learned how important any job is no matter how big or small”

As Joseph explained to me his humble beginnings I was eager to learn more about his development and how the fashion industry worked from a designer’s point of view. As I had already seen his most recent collection in the Toronto Women’s Fashion Show I was curious to know what else he had done in his career.

JT- “After Pink Tartan I moved to Holt Renfrew Private label & Tevrow and Chase where I worked as a junior pattern drafter, shortly after that I began working at the beginning / launch of Joe Fresh Style. I started as the junior menswear designer and learned a tremendous amount of industry. From there I moved to Sao Paulo Brazil where I launched a jewellery, bathing suit and accessory line. I then continued to design clothes, worked in marketing and sales in Canada and the US. Fast forward to the last few years as Head Designer for the heritage women’s outerwear line Laparka. This timeline has now brought me to my own line Joseph Tassoni.”

From a young age I had always loved fashion, hearing Joseph speak about his career I could see how passionate he was about everything he created. Through his passion I learned Joseph is not afraid to put in the hard work and more importantly felt strongly about giving back.

JT – “During my last of high school, I was 16 years old and created a collection for my first public Fashion Show, which Jeanne Becker came and introduced me to a full auditorium audience and oh was I nervous! There was a student who had “Osteogenesis Imperfecta (O.I.) and I made a decision to donate all proceeds from the show to the Osteogensis Imperfecta foundation. This event created a movement in my work where any chance I have to give back I do. Just recently I was asked to participate in the 2016 White Cashmere Collection, where designers were asked to create a custom garment out of bathroom tissue to help design a future without breast cancer. Over 3000+ individually cut circles later I helped create a wearable snowfall wedding gown inspired by the classic Canadian Winter which has been highly profiled and used to raise awareness for breast cancer. Helping others is deeply personal and has always been part of me, I look forward to any and all opportunities of giving back.”

I loved listening to his story about his participation of the White Cashmere Collection, from an outside perspective I would had never understood the amount of time and detail that went into creating those pieces. I could see how proud he was of the outcome, and how honoured he was to have the opportunity to support such a great cause.

As the night continued I was more and more eager with questions! Although from the moment I had met him there was one I was dying to ask – was there ever a “Wow this is all really happening” moment in his career

JT – “Yes, after my debut at Toronto Women’s Fashion week when I was being interviewed by Paul Mason a.k.a. Fashion Santa (available on youtube) when he asked me “What was your biggest challenge” I realised that after all these years of wanting to launch my line that I actually did it.”

I feel as a creator myself there is no better feeling then seeing people connect and appreciate your work. More importantly in such a competitive industry I truly believe Joseph is living proof that with hard work and kindness dreams really do come true!

JT – “Be your own best person and know that the person you can truly depend on is yourself. No one will do a better job than you and never judge a book by its cover.”

Through his kindness Joseph offered his most recent collection that was shown in Toronto Women’s Fashion Week for a photo shoot, this felt like a dream come true!! – Take a look at a few of our favourite looks from the shoot!

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