Hotel THB Naeco Ibiza Class

From the outside, the hotel beams elegance and class from their luxurious dipping pool, swimming pool and clean white decor. We were welcomed at the front desk by the friendliest staff who were happily able to accommodate our early check in.  Exhausted from our travels we could not wait to get into our room put our stuff down and take a dip in the pool.

Our room was located on the top floor with a beautiful view of the pool and ocean. Contrasting the hotels sleek white exterior the inside of the room was the complete opposite! Each wall held a unique wall decal of simplistic images and vibrant colors.

The spacious room was the perfect size for 3 people travelling with large suitcases, including a very large and luxurious bathroom.

Throughout our stay we had the “half board” which included breakfast and dinner. Friday evening we approached the beautiful dining room and chose the perfect table looking out onto the ocean. Not sure what to expect our very friendly waiter explained to us how to order dinner.

We were shocked to learn we were able to choose a full 3 course meal! Each item on the menu was exquisite and sounded delicious which made it very difficult to choose from! The food was prepared beautifully and was hands down the best food we had eaten so far on our trip!

On top of the delicious menu each evening held a new and unique cocktail crafted by the hotel which were absolutely delicious both evenings.

Our waiters both Friday and Saturday were absolutely amazing and were incredibly friendly creating a memorable experience during dinner. They spoke about their knowledge of the menu, drinks, the hotel and Spain!

From the moment we arrived to the moment we left we felt at home at the THB Naeco Class Hotel!

You too can stay at this beautiful hotel using the LOVESARAH.N promo code for 15% Off : THBHOTELSLOVESARAH

Valid until the 21st of September 2017 

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