Glitter – Where can you wear it?

Just before the holidays I became obsessed with glitter – although this is not surprising for a female I had never really been the biggest fan…until now.
I spent the last few weeks experimenting with different ways you can wear glitter – lets take a look at my top 3 favourite looks!
Red Lips & Gold Glitter – Special evening out? Tired of your basic red lip stick? Just add on some glitter and there you go! I love this look although this is definitely kept for special evening events and galas!
Lipstick – Mac in Lady Bug

Pink lips & Gold Glitter – A Classic! Now this look can literally be worn any where because it is not super dramatic yet looks absolutely gorgeous!

Lip Stick – Mac in Coral Bliss

Eyebrows & Gold Glitter – Now this is my FAVOURITE! And I will not lie.. everyone notices! I will have people walk up to me from across the room to ask me if my eyebrows are sparkling and then tell me how much they love it! Of course this is not for your everyday make up – but it will definitely amp up your evening out

NOW the BEST part of this is you can use one product for all of these things (including your basic glitter liner)

URBAN DECAY HEAVY METAL available at Sephora!

Enjoy getting your glitter on ladies and always remember to wash your face before bed – or you might wake up covered in glitter!

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