DubDub Loft

Following up from Toronto Women’s Fashion Week Dubdub reached out to me inviting me to visit their content studio in Toronto, so I grabbed my partner in crime/The most talented make up artist Monica to go check it out!

When you walk in the studio space its immediately full of light and creativity, we weren’t too sure what to expect so before we arrived we bounced a few loose ideas off each other.

We were greeted by Stephanie who spent the next two hours in the studio with us story boarding, filming and editing our content.

Within the space there were different available backdrops, tons of different types of products, lighting and filming essentials!

All the products were new products just released from make up brands, hair brands and skin brands – best part is we were allowed to use whatever we wanted.

An hour and a half into filming and we were finally finished – “How too – Fashion Week Pink Glam Look”  showcasing one of the beautiful make up looks Monica had done for me for Toronto Women’s Fashion Week

Now came the editing – Stephanie helped us through this step by step adding in music, cutting scenes and placing in product information!

Over all we had so much fun creating in the Dubdub Loft! Make sure the check out Monica’s Make up looks at MUAMonica 

Check out Dubdub!  https://dubdub.com/

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